The concept of Melted began with a spark of passion in a high school sophomore.  Anna Hutto from Tyler, TX, watched a TED talk entitled “The Hidden Reason for Poverty the World Needs to Address Now” by Gary Haugen.  Moved by the powerful message Mr. Haugen gave about people in poverty in 3rd world countries living outside the protection of the law, Anna researched his organization, the International Justice Mission (  She learned how IJM has protected millions of people from violence and injustice, and rescued thousands from human trafficking.  Anna was compelled to think of a way to support IJM’s mission.  After much consideration, she realized that a for-profit business would eventually result in a perpetual donation to IJM. 

Anna’s love of Austin, and especially the food truck scene there, led her down the path of starting a food truck to benefit the International Justice Mission.  Melted is operated as a for-profit business, with 100% of the profits donated to IJM.

In the coming months, we will be graciously accepting donations to help defray business start up costs. Please check back for more information on how to donate.