Where We Are

HI everyone, I just wanted to give a quick update on all of the exciting things we have coming up in March as it’s going to be a very busy month! So far, we are booked for multiple private events, such as a wedding, the backyard grand opening of a real estate development, lunch at St. Matthews Episcopal Church, and a party at 4th Tap Brewery. We are also booked for some really cool vending spots all over Austin- from Silicon Labs to UT’s Gregory Gym- so be sure to check out the “Where We Are” tab on our website and come see us for lunch!


2018: Another New Year For Melted!

I apologize for being silent with blogging in 2017.  The usual Junior year stress consumed the spring and in the Fall I departed for a year with School Year Abroad.  I have been keeping involved in all of the Melted business decisions and want to catch you up.


As many know, in 2017 we took our menu in the direction of sliders instead of the original grilled cheese. Because crafting the perfect grilled cheese is a process that cannot be rushed, we found that during our busy vending shifts our customers were waiting in line for a long time and we were not able to serve as many people in a given amount of time. By switching to sliders we thought we could rack up more tickets, serve more people, and ultimately generate a higher revenue. While our customers love our handcrafted slider sandwiches, we want to go back to our roots and offer gourmet grilled cheese again. We have been working very hard on finding the balance between reducing the preparation time without sacrificing the integrity of our grilled cheese.  In addition to changing our menu a bit, we are being booked for weddings, birthday parties, community events, and many other special occasions!  We have also developed a catering menu and that arm of the business continues to grow!  Now that Melted is growing and we will be taking on bigger events I will also be posting Instagram video updates on IJM, catering events, and vending spots. It is a very exciting time for Melted and I hope you follow along with us!