How Will This Work?

Previously, I explained what the Prometheus effect is. Now I’d like to share how I found a passion and actually executed this theory.

When I decided I could do something to change the world, I began my research and almost became angry. There is so much hurt in this world and so many causes I wanted to help that it was overwhelming. It was very difficult for me to focus on one thing because I’m passionate about it all– from clean water to safe orphanages to medical innovation, etc. This is where the mindset of Prometheus came in. I took a step back and decided there must be a common factor, something at the root that is causing all of the hurt. As I researched the broader topic of poverty, I was led to the TED website, and came across a TED Talk called “The Hidden Reason for Poverty the World Needs to Address Now” (link provided below). Little did I know, this talk would completely change my life.

To say I was hooked is an understatement. The speaker was Gary Haugen and he made the point that while thousands of people are driven to compassion when it comes to helping the poor in developing countries, the one thing that effectively helps the poor lift themselves up is legal protection. Without it, girls are being raped on the way to school, children and adults are being sold into slavery, neighbors grab land from widows, etc. and the perpetrators do not get punished. The crimes continue and the poor just get poorer. I read Mr. Haugen’s book called The Locust Effect, which gave me a deeper insight into these issues and his solutions with respect to legal protection. I soon realized that Mr. Haugen is the founder of one of the largest non-profit organizations working for justice in developing countries: The International Justice Mission ( I had found my passion, and I knew that this was the “thing” I wanted to put all of my efforts into.


Link to the talk: