The Power of Branding

Melted’s identity is very unique. We are a charitable business, and a common misconception people have about these philanthropic businesses is that they are more focused on the charity and less on the quality of the product they are putting out there.  While Melted is very much focused on raising money to help fund IJM, I really want to be sure to focus on building a business that is quality based.  Everything Melted is doing, from sourcing its ingredients to being customer driven is all about having a high quality brand.

Early in the development of Melted, Eric encouraged us to hire a branding company.  These experts in branding would help us create the “face” of Melted.  When the public hears the word Melted, what would come to mind?  As I mentioned before, I wanted people to think nostalgic, but also with a cool vibe and very high quality. 

We hired a branding company in Austin called Brand Happy.  Jen and Kris from Brand Happy used their expertise to take us through the process of creating a logo, choosing colors, creating a website, and designing the truck wrap.

 Our beautiful truck wrap portrays our brand

Our beautiful truck wrap portrays our brand


A very important piece of our high quality brand is the food!  Aaron has spent the past few months testing recipes, sauces, marinades, and cheese combinations to develop the fabulous menu we will open with.  He has created a truly scratch kitchen—everything on our menu is made from scratch --from the barbeque sauce to the kimchi to the bacon in the Farmer’s Market BLT.  We have locally sourced organic ingredients whenever possible.  All of the feedback on our food has been amazing.  Stay tuned for more delicious details and photos of our food! 


Only 6 days until our Grand Opening!  Join us at the Whitestone Brewery in Cedar Park from 12:00-4:00 on June 11 and become part of Team Melted! #meltedwithamission #letsmelttogether