A Monster Worth Waiting For

For those of you craving an Asian inspired dish, chef Aaron has created a truly unique sandwich with the Bulgolgi Monster grilled cheese.  Let’s tear this thing apart first….to begin, he creates his own unique Korean-inspired marinade for the Bulgolgi beef.  Then, he selects a prime sirloin cut of beef, slices it and marinates it for 24 hours.  Meanwhile, the truck Kimchi is being created.  For those of you who don’t know much about Kimchi, this is a Korean fermented vegetable salad, or in this case, Napa cabbage.  Chef Aaron formulated his own unique recipe and it is delicious!  Once all of these flavors have had enough time to come together, they are ready to become the Bulgolgi Monster.


First, the marinated Bulgolgi beef gets grilled to perfection on the flat top grill.   Then 2 pieces of New World Bakery’s sour dough bread are buttered and placed on the grill.  Then both pieces get an ample amount of creamy Muenster cheese.  The grilled beef and Kimchi are placed on top of the cheese.  Once this sandwich is assembled with the oozing Muenster cheese throughout, it is truly amazing.

 The Bulgolgi Monster (photo by Inked Fingers)

The Bulgolgi Monster (photo by Inked Fingers)


This sandwich is very unique and I promise it will not let you down.  Each bite brings new flavors and juices to your palate- perfect for the Austin foodies!


Only 5 more days until our grand opening June 11 from 12:00-4:00 at Whitestone Brewery in Cedar Park!  We would love to see you!  #meltedwithamission