I’m In Love With A King

The King Cheese is more than a sandwich.  It is pure decadence in every bite.  Peanut butter mascarpone sounds like an oxymoron but it is real and it is delicious.  It is the fluffiest, creamiest peanut butter mixture on the planet, topped with bananas that have been caramelized in brown sugar and butter.  When put together in this awesome sandwich it is like Reese’s peanut butter cup meets Bananas Foster.

When you bite into the King Cheese, the peanut butter mascarpone oozes around the sweet banana combination.  To top it off, there is that incredible buttery crunch from the bread.  Eat this sandwich for lunch or dessert; you will not be disappointed.  To top it off, it travels well!  I have eaten this luscious sandwich an hour after it was made and it is still crunchy and amazing!

You’ll have to try one at our grand opening this Saturday, June 11 at Whitestone Brewery in Cedar Park, 12:00-4:00!  #meltedwithamission